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BMW ABS and DTC traction control lights on due to failed ATE MK60E ABS Module


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BMW 3-series and Z4 owners may experience problems with premature failure of ABS module. Symptoms include traction control failure, ABS and DTC warning light stay on. On other models such as E90 ABS, ASR and ESP lights turn on in your dash. In this case the ABS module is made by ATE was known as MK60E ABS module.

To fix this problem you can either replace your unit with a new ABS module. The new ABS module will need to be coded so that the VIN matches the VIN number of your BMW. At most BMW dealerships this repair can vary from $1500-$2500.

But don't panic because there is a cheaper alternative to fix this problem. Instead use a BMW ATE ABS rebuild service. You will need to remove the ABS module and mail it so that a BMW specialist can diagnose and repair your unit. This method is less expensive ($150-$250) and does not require the ABS to be coded after installation. 

Common Causes

This problem is often caused by a defective ABS hydraulic unit. In most cases, the ABS pump brushes wear out which triggers power supply fault codes. These units can be repaired. 


The first thing that you need to do is to read the codes from your BMW. You can do this yourself if you have a scanner that can read BMW specific codes. 


Watch a video on how to read and clear BMW ABS fault codes which may trigger the DSC / ABS / Brake warning lights. You will need a scan tool that can read BMW specific fault codes such as Foxwell NT510 for BMW. You can learn more about BMW scan tools here. 

Common Faults: 

When the BMW is scanned you will get faults related to the power supply to the ABS hydraulic unit.

  • ABS pump motor fault code
  • Fault code related to ABS pump power supply
  • Code 24049 (5DF1) Hydraulic unit - Motor connection failure
    • Related codes C1DF1 24049
  • Code 24048 (5DF0) - Pump motor failure
  • ABS Pressure sensor fault code

Remove the ABS hydraulic unit and send it for repair to any of the following specialists: 



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