Mercedes HID Xenon light doesn't work


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One of Mercedes HID Xenon headlight not working? The HID bulb can burn out. The light may appear as fading, dim, weaker when the bulb is towards the end of its life. This problem is often caused by either an HID Xenon bulb that has failed/is going out but in a few cases can be due to bad ignitor/ballast.


Common Causes
  1. Burned HID Xenon bulb

  2. Defective ignition/ballast

  3. Blown low beam fuse

  4. Corroded contacts at headlight

  5. Damaged wire harness

  6. Defective SAM module


Xenon Light Out

If one of the xenon lights is not working the first thing that you need to check is the bulb. Mercedes uses D2S bulbs which can be expensive when purchased at local auto parts stores or Mercedes dealership. Fortunately, you can buy D2S light bulb online at a fraction of dealer prices. Any D2S or D2r light bulb will work, just make sure to replace both bulbs at the same time or you will have headlight light color that doesn't match. 

How to verify that Xenon bulb burned

Let's say your Mercedes Xenon headlight bulb on driver's side is out. Next, you swap the two bulbs. If the passenger side stopped working, but driver side now works, the problem is the bulb. If the driver side Xenon bulb still does not work, the problem may be the ignitor/ballast or there is no power going to the headlight. You can also swap the two igniters as well to verify if one is bad. 

Check the fuses as well because Mercedes often uses a separate fuse for driver's headlight and a dedicated fuse for passenger's side.