S Class W221 Completely Dead


Updated 11 months 1 week ago


A 2008 S550 Mercedes we were working on was completely dead. No interior lights were working. Key lock unlock would not work. We fully charged the starting battery but that still didn't fix the problem. The starting battery is located in the engine bay in the passenger side. 


The problem, in this case, was the accessory battery that is mounted in the back. This is a small 12 volt battery that is mounted between the rear back seat and the trunk. To fix this problem we connected a battery charger. The battery charger can be connected at the brass pin located near the starting battery. 

You will need to remove the long plastic cover and you will see a thin tall brass pin. We connected the positive clamp to this pin and the negative clamp to a bare metal on the car. Allow the car to charge for at least 5 hours then try to start it. 

If the car is dead again you may have a parasitic draw or an auxiliary battery that doesn't hold a charge. 

Here are a few 12 volt trickle chargers you can use. 

Be extermly careful when connecting the positive to the brass pin. The pin is very close to the fender and you may cause a short. mercedes s550 would not start due to dead auxiliary battery