Subaru Stuck in Park | How to Get Subaru out of Park

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Difficulty: Very Easy
This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to get a Subaru out of the park by manually overriding the shifter. 

What you will need


Manually Release Subaru Out of Park

  1. Set the parking brake so that your Subaru won't roll or move when you move the shifter out of Park.
  2. Remove the small plastic cover near the shifter. This will expose the shifter release.
  3. Press the brake pedal and keep it pressed. 
  4. Insert a screwdriver and press down the shift lock, and at the same time, move the shifter out of Park.

Is your Subaru stuck in the park? These instructions show you how to use the shifter lock release to get a Subaru out of the park and place it in reverse or drive.

This will allow you to move the shifter out of Park and drive. This works on Subaru Impreza, Outback, Crosstrek, Forester, etc.

Common Problems

Here are some common problems that can cause a Subaru to get stuck in Park.

  • Brake light Switch - A common problem that will prevent your Subaru shifter from moving out of Park. Easy, inexpensive fix.
  • Shifter - Shifter release mechanism or the shifter itself may be broken.
  • Shifter Interlock - On older models equipped with a cable that runs from the brake pedal to the shifter to prevent one from moving the car without pressing the brake pedal. I can't get Subaru out of the park.

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