How to Turn Crank Porsche Engine by Hand

How to Turn Crank Porsche Engine by Hand

Est. Time: 30 min

This guide provides instructions on how to manually turn over a Porsche engine.


What you will need


  1. Park the Porsche and set the parking brakes.
  2. Block the rear and front tires with wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from rolling.
  3. On Porsches with automatic transmission, you can place the transmission in Park. On Porsches with manual transmission place the vehicle in neutral.manually crank porsche engine
  4. Access the front of the vehicle. On newer models such as this Porsche Cayenne, remove the plastic trim to access the crankshaft pulley. You may also need to remove all or part of the intake hose to access the crankshaft pulley.access porsche crankshaft pulley
  5. Place a 27mm socket on the crankshaft bolt and rotate the crankshaft clockwise.manually crank porsche engine

Rotate the engine crankshaft to perform a compression test, checking the timing, bring cylinder 1 to TDC, or just troubleshoot a no-start problem.

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