Mercedes-Benz C - Class GLK Door

Mercedes-Benz Interior Door Handle DIY FIX W204 X204

Problem Details

The inside door handles of certain Mercedes-Benz vehicles are prone to breaking. The door will continue to open from the outside.

Possible Causes

The original door handle was designed with a point of failure. When the door handle is pulled quickly or forcefully, the cable holder snaps internally. 

Common Symptoms

  • Door does not open from the inside.
  • Door handle broken
  • Handle snapped
  • Driver door does not work
  • Passenger door handle 

How to fix it

There is no need to replace the entire interior door panel. Save both time and money by simply replacing the handle.

Parts Required

Tools Required

  • Impact Drill
  • Cutting Pliers
  • T10 TORX Screwdriver
  • T30 TORX Screwdriver
  • M10 Drive Socket


Step 1: Remove the inside panel from the door. Tips: Lower the window for an easier access.


Door Panel


Step 2: Remove the wood trims.

Bolt locations

Bolt locations


Step 3: Separate the handle bracket from the door panel. The handle bracket and the door panel are held together by melted plastic tabs.

Close Up

Tabs location


Switch Location




Separate the door handle bracket from the door.

Bracket removed

Step 4: Remove the handle pivoting pin by carefully driving a screw into it. This will allow you to pull it out with your hands. Use the provided new pin for assembly.

Door handle pivoting pin.

Screw Position


Step 5: Install the new handle and assemble the door panel. Don't forget to transfer the cable clip onto the new handle.

Cable Clip

Drive in tabs


Profile picture for user Paul
Taylor , 2017-07-18

The handle of the back door broke in my c class. Is the procedure the same? How about the part? Thanks for putting this together.

Profile picture for user IE Works

The procedure will be similar and easier to do.

The part is most likely going to be different.


Profile picture for user Paul
Brian C., 2018-05-08

Thank you for posting this article. The door handle broke on my C300. It works on the outside but not the inside. The dealer wanted $380 for this repair. This is defentively something I can do myself. Thanks for sharing. Now I have to buy the kit.

Profile picture for user Paul
Margie Jorda, 2019-03-03

My door handle broke on the driver side door. The dealership wants $1240 for replairs. Thanks for the information 🙏 hopefully, my hub can fix the problem!

Profile picture for user Paul
Brandon, 2019-06-03

What did you do about the melted plastic tabs after you put the door back together? I’m waiting on my new handle to come in and assume once I remove them with the cutting pliers I won’t be able to put them back in?

Profile picture for user Paul
Art, 2019-07-08

I screwed a screw into the pivoting pin but still won’t come out any suggestions
Thank you

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