Connect Phone to Car using iPod 30pin Bluetooth adapter for Mercedes BMW Audi VW

Are you trying to connect your phone with your car radio and play music from the phone over to the car speakers?

Many luxury vehicles (including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mini-Cooper, Volkswagen) from  2005 to 2015 allowed the driver to make Bluetooth hands free calls but NOT to play music from phone to the car speakers.

The good news is that many of these cars have an iPhone 30 pin connector which you can use to connect any phone via Bluetooth. For this setup, you will need a 30 PIN to Bluetooth adapter which will allow you to play music from your iPhone or Android phone to your car speakers. 

Watch the video below to learn how to use the 30 pin port to connect to your phone via Bluetooth. 

What you need

For this set up you will need an iPod to 30 PIN Bluetooth adapter. Here are a few options. 

  • Wi-Mi Wireless Bluetooth Car Adaptor
    • Plug and play solution. 
    • Compatible with Audi AMI, Mercedes Media Interface and VW MDI or any other cars with the original or aftermarket iPod integration installed that has a 30 pin iPod connector. 
    • Wireless connection via Bluetooth with any Apple device with automatic re-connection, no need to manually plug in your iPod every time. Featuring Airplay and A2DP Bluetooth
    • Use the original steering wheel and head unit controls. Compatible with vehicles that already support Apple play from the steering wheel.
  • CoolStream CarPro Bluetooth Adapter
  • Bovee Bluetooth Adapter 30 PIN


  1. Locate the 30 pin iPhone cable in your glove box or central armrest. ipad iphone 30 pin adapter port cable


  2. Plug the 30 PIN Bluetooth adapter in. play music from phone to car stereo using bluetooth and 30 pin bluetooth adapter for mercedes bmw audi vw


  3. Turn the ignition and the radio or COMAND system ON. 
  4. Ensure the light on the Bluetooth adapter is flashing blue. 
  5. Go the Settings on your phone and select CONNECTIONS.
  6. Turn on Bluetooth and search for a new device. 
  7. The name of your Bluetooth adapter will show up under available devices. It should say CarPro, BOVEE or whatever is the name of your adapter. 
  8. Select the Bluetooth adapter to pair. 
  9. Enter 1234 or 0000 to pair the device. If none of these two codes work, check the user manual for the correct pin. 
  10. Once the pairing is complete the LED light on the Bluetooth adapter should turn into solid blue and stop flashing. 
  11. Go to your STEREO or COMAND and switch the input from RADIO to AUX or iPad. 
  12. Play music or audiobook from your phone to verify that the sound is coming out through the car's speaker. 

Note that once the car is turned off, the Bluetooth device will disconnect from your phone. When you restart the vehicle your Bluetooth adapter will automatically reconnect with your phone. 


Profile picture for user Paul
Bogdan, 2019-01-31

Will it work with 2007 R350?
I just learned they had 2 types of 30 pin connectors back then. The older once had 12v coming out to charge classic iPod's. And even if you get a adapter 30pin to lightning itll not charge new devices.

Profile picture for user Paul
JimsAutoRepair, 2019-07-05

From our experience it will work. Voltage itself will at max affect the way your phone is charged. Otherwise, these pin connectors work on all models since 2005.

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