How to Use Carly App Adapter for BMW

Est. Time: 30 min
Difficulty: Easy
Carly for BMW is a popular scanner used to read, clear codes, diagnose problems, and code BMW cars. In this guide, we will show you how to use Carly for BMW.

What you will need


  1. Locate OBD2 port under the dashboard, driver's side.carly for bmw instrcutions
  2. Plug Carly for BMW into the OBD2 port.

  3. Turn ignition On

    how to use carly for bmw turn on igntion
  4. Make sure Carly for BMW is powered on. The LED light should be on.

    plug in carly bmw adapter to use it
  5. Pair your phone with the Carly for BMW.

    Go to Setting > Connections / Bluetooth / Wireless > Choose Bluetooth > Turn on Bluetooth > Search Devices > Select Carly for BMW > Enter 1234 pairing code.

    pair carly for bmw with android phone smartphone like  iphone
  6. Download Carly for BMW from the Play Store. The Lite version is very limited in functionality. In this case, we download and install the Pro version.

    carly for bmw instructions
  7. Open Carly for BMW. Select connections at the bottom. Select Bluetooth.

    bmw carly coding connect

    Make sure to select your BMW chassis as well. The left bottom corner. In this case, we have an E60 5-Series.

    Go back to the Carly home screen (also called Dashboard)

    Select Diagnostics

  8. Perform a full system scan.

    carly for bmw bluetooth gen 2 obd adapter installation diy guide
  9. Review and clear codes.

Carly allows you to read and clear fault codes from multiple BMW systems. If you need to diagnose BMW problems, we recommend a BMW Multi-System Scanner. 

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How to Use Carly App Adapter for BMW What you will need Carly for BMW Procedure Locate OBD2 port under the dashboard, driver's side.