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Most common problems why your Hybrid Mercedes-Benz won't start.

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Why does my vehicle not start?

One reason why your vehicle is not starting is because of the hybrid system failure. Many units on the Mercedes-Benz Hybrid are connected to the high voltage system or hybrid system, so if one unit in the high voltage (HV) system is not working that will bring down the whole HV network and prevent engine start. 

For example, you have a bad AC compressor that is connected to the hybrid system then that will cause the vehicle not to start because the system is not working properly.

Also, having your vehicle parked for a very long time can cause the battery to wear out. In this case, the hybrid battery will show 15% charge or below and that causes the vehicle not to start. 

Two most common problems with Hybrid Systems

  • Power Electronic Module Failure
  • High Voltage Hybrid Battery Failure  

As you can see in the video most of all vehicles are diagnosed due to a faulty power electronic module. Hybrid Battery replacement can cost around $15,000 and Power Electronic Module replacement can cost $10,000 to $12,000.

Reminders before you repair the vehicle or let someone repair the vehicle

  • Diagnosing the vehicle using an advanced scanner - scanning the vehicle tells the causes why the vehicle is not starting and that will help you ease the work.  
  • Knowing the shop before you let your vehicle in - before you let the vehicle be repaired know the shop first because a lot of mechanics do not know about repairing a Hybrid vehicle or High Voltage vehicle.  
  • Hybrid Vehicles are high voltage - it is better to let someone who can deal (have more knowledge) with high voltage vehicles do the work rather than doing it yourself because the high voltage is dangerous and deadly.

Hybrid Vehicles are great cars but when it comes to repairing not all mechanics have the knowledge and cant work on hybrid vehicles. We do have tutorials on how to replace the parts but you need to be aware that when you're working with high voltage.

High voltage can cause injuries or can also cause death and that is one of the reasons why many mechanics and repair shops will turn you down and tell you that they don't want to work on hybrid systems.

If you decide to work on hybrid vehicles you must get training first on how to handle high voltage electric vehicles. 

Top 2 Causes Why A Hybrid Vehicle Won't Start Most common problems why your Hybrid Mercedes-Benz won't start.