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This guide provides instructions on how to replace a tail light bulb on a Volkswagen  Jetta sixth generation, A6, Typ 5C6.

Table of Contents

Replacing the light bulb from the tail light of the sixth generation, A6 VW Jetta SE is pretty straightforward; while it may seem complicated, do not worry; it is a simple job you can do in your garage.  


  • The most common symptom that your tail light bulbs need replacements is a decrease in the intensity of light emitted from your tail light or the absence of light from your tail lights. 

What you will need




  1. Pop the trunk.pop-trunk


  2. Pull off the tail Light access panel.pull-tail-light-accss
  3. Loosen the retaining nuts by using a flat head screwdriver, then remove the two retaining nuts.remove-retaining-nuts


  4. Disconnect the electrical connector terminal.disconnect-electricals
  5. Push out the tail light assembly from the access panel slot.Push-out-tail-assembly


  6. Pull the Taillight assembly out, shifting your force to the left.
  7. Push the locking clip in to release the tail light assembly housing. This would separate the tail light into two parts.remove-housing


  8. The two bulbs on the image below are for clearance or parking lights. The light on the bottom is the reverse light.
  9. To remove the parking bulbs, hold the bulb gently and pull out.remove-parking-light-bulb
  10. To install the parking bulbs, align the bulb and push it down until it locks.install-park-bulb
  11. Reinstall the bulb housing.reinstall-bulb-housing
  12. Install the tail light assembly from outside of the trunk.install-tail-light-assembly


  13. Reinstall and fasten two retaining nuts and fasten with a flat-head screwdriver.reinstall-retaining-nuts


  14. Reconnect electrical connector.reconnect-electrical-conn


  15. Reinstall tail light access panel.reinstall-cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace your own tail light?

  • Yes, Changing your tail light bulbs is an easy form of maintenance that you can perform on your vehicle. 

Can you drive at night without taillights?

  • It is not only illegal to drive a car without a tail light, but it is also dangerous; you might get involved in an accident if the driver from a car behind you fails to notice your car.


2010 - 2017 Volkswagen Jetta A6 Trunk Tail Light Assembly Replacement This guide provides instructions on how to replace a tail light bulb on a Volkswagen  Jetta sixth generation, A6, Typ 5C6.