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This guide provides instructions on how to replace the low beam headlight bulb on the Kia Optima model years 2016-2020. 

Table of Contents

What you will need


  1. Open Hood - Pull on the hood, release under the dashboard, and open the hood. 

  2. Remove old light bulb - Locate the back of the headlight assembly with the burned bulb. kia optima headlight bulb replacement


  3. First, you need to remove the light bulb cover. To remove this cover, twist it counterclockwise and remove it. Next, you need to remove the low beam bulb. Remove the bulb socket from the headlamp by turning it to replace change kia optima low beam light bulb 2011-2016
  4. Install new low beam light bulb - Remove the old bulb from the socket by pulling it. Press the new bulb into the socket. Align the tabs on the socket with the slots in the headlamp assembly and twist the socket to lock it in place. 

  5. Replace the headlight bulb cover - Install the headlamp cover by twisting it clockwise. low beam bulb replacement guide kia optima 2012 213 2014 2015
  6. Close the hood and test the headlights. 

Only one headlight works

It is possible that even after replacing the bulb, the headlight doesn't work. Common problems that cause this issue include:

  • Damaged wiring inside the headlight unit.
  • Damaged wiring harness taking power to the headlight.
  • A corroded connector at the headlight
  • Blown fuse

Use a digital multimeter to check the voltage at the headlight connector.

Unplug the wire harness from the headlight. Identify the wires that provide power to the burned bulb. The negative wire will be either black or brown. The positive you will have to find out. Set your digital multimeter to voltage, turn on the headlight, and measure.