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Guide on how to replace the license plate light on a Nissan Rogue Sport 2017+.

Table of Contents

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What you will need


  1. Remove the license plate lamp from the vehicle by prying the left side of the lamp using a flathead screwdriver.Prying the license plate light lampshade out from the vehicle.


  2. Twist the lamp counterclockwise and pull it out from the socket to remove it.Removing the lampshade out from the socket.


  3. Remove the light bulb from the socket by pulling it out.Removing the light bulb out from the socket.


  4. Line up the new light bulb to the socket and press it in to set it into place.Installing the new light bulb of the license plate light.


  5. Insert the socket back into the lamp and twist it clockwise to set it into the lock position.Reinstalling the lampshade cover back to the socket of the license plate light.


  6. Line up the right side of the license plate lamp to the vehicle then push the license plate lamp until it snaps into place.Reinstalling the license plate lamp back to the vehicle.