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Guide on how to edit the date and time on the car stereo on a Nissan Rogue Sport 2017+.

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  1. Turn the ignition switch on. 
  2. Once the car stereo is switched on, tap on the Settings button on the lower right of the screen.Settings Menu on the vehicle's Car Stereo.


  3. Tap on the Clock menu on the car stereo's screen.Clock Menu on the Vehicle's Car Stereo.

    Or, scroll on the main menu screen by pressing the arrow on the left side of the screen.

  4. Then once the clock pops out on the screen, the screen will show different clock menus.The Clock Menu on the Vehicle's Car Stereo.


  5. Press on the Clock Format to set the time to 12H or 24H time format.Tapping the Clock Format on the Car Stereo.


  6. Press on the Date Format to set what date format you want.Date Format Menu on the Vehicle's Car Stereo.


  7. Press on the Set Clock Manually and press the arrows to set the time and date manually.Setting up the date and time manually.