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If your ACURA AIRBAG light is on, it means that there is a problem with the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS); one or all airbags will NOT deploy if you are involved in an accident.

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Common Causes

Acura airbag light may come on due to:

  • low battery voltage
  • previous accident
  • damaged clock spring
  • wire harness
  • damaged crash detection sensors
  • passenger occupancy sensor faulty

What does the ACURA airbag light mean?

Acura Airbag SRS light
Acura Airbag Light On | SRS Light

Your car will run and drive fine if the airbag light is on. When you get into an accident, the airbags may not deploy and protect you and your passengers. Having working airbags can mean the difference between life and death.

To find out why the Acura airbag light is on, you will need to read codes from the airbag module. Fault codes will provide descriptions of why the airbag light is on.

You can determine if this is a repair you can perform yourself or call around various auto mechanics to quote.

How to Diagnose ACURA Airbag Light 

What you will need


Follow these instructions to read the Acura airbag light and related fault codes.

  1. Under your ACURA dashboard, you will find the Onboard Diagnostic port, also known as the OBD-II port. All 1996 and newer ACURA have this port.

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  2. Plug the OBD2 scanner into the 16 pin OBD2 port. Note that the port is trapezoid in shape and allows the scanner to plug only in one way.acura erase airbag light
  3. Turn on the ignition. Do not start the engine. If your ACURA has a START/STOP button, press this button without pressing the brake pedal. turn acura on to erase airbag light
  4. Allow your ACURA airbag scanner to power on. The scanner should turn on once the ignition is turned on or to position II. Once the scanner is fully powered on, select ACURA from the menu. acura airbag warning on dashboard use scanner to clear code
  5. Follow the promptings on the diagnostic scanner to scan ACURA airbag fault codes. If the codes you retrieve are NOT present, you can erase them. Otherwise, you will need to fix the ACURA airbag problem then erase the fault codes.  

If your Acura airbag light is on and there is a stored code in the airbag module, you can use a scanner to clear the code as long as no other codes are not present. 

If you are reading the codes and your scanner shows no code related to the airbag light, you most likely are using a scanner that can not diagnose the Acura airbag system. 

Important Notes

  • Always disconnect the battery when working in the restraint system. 
  • If removing any airbags, handle them with care. Keep airbags two feet away from your body at all times, even during removal. 

Can I reset the airbag light by disconnecting the battery?  

No. Airbag codes cannot be reset by disconnecting the battery. 

How soon will an airbag code return? 

If you haven't fixed the problem that triggered the airbag light or the fault code status is current, the airbag light will return immediately or at the restart. 

Can I use a generic OBD2 scanner to erase the airbag light on my car? 

No. the Generic OBD2 scanner or what we referred to as Level 1 OBD2 scanners can only access the Engine Control Module (ECU) and not the Supplemental Restraint System where airbag codes are stored. To clear airbag codes, you need a Level 2 scanner or higher.