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This guide provides instructions on how to change the battery on any Acura keyfob. Most Acura keys use the CR2032 Button Cell Battery.

Scroll down to watch a video on how to change the battery on various Acura keys.

Table of Contents


Acura Smart Key Battery Replacement

Battery required: CR2032


  1. Press the tab and remove the metal key.
  2. Use the metal key to open the shell of your Acura keyfob.
  3. Use a small screwdriver for popping out the old battery.
  4. Press the new battery in, making sure the positive (+) side is facing you.
  5. Press the two parts of the keyfob together until you hear them click.
  6. Insert the metal key into the key fob.

Acura Keyless Remote

Battery Type: Two CR2032


  1. Remove the metal blade key.
  2. Use a flat screwdriver to separate the keyfob shell.
  3. Locate the two batteries found inside the remote and slide them out.
  4. Install two new batteries. Ensure that the batteries are not installed backward.
  5. Close the key by pressing both of the plastic halves together.

These instructions will help the owners of Acura change the key fob battery which includes:

  • TL
  • CL
  • RL
  • TSX
  • RDS
  • ILX
  • TLX
  • RLX
  • MDX
  • ZDX