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This guide provides instructions on how to add air to the ACURA tire. We will go over the guidelines on how to inflate an ACURA tire using a portable air compressor.

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Recommended Acura Tire Pressure


acura tire pressure

The recommended tire pressure for ACURA vehicles is typically in the 32-35 range. If you have been driving the vehicle and stop to add air, increase the tire pressure by 3 PSI. The pressure on the sticker is cold tire pressure.

Recommended Tire Pressure on Acura MDX

Add air to the ACURA tire.

One way to add air to an ACURA tire at home is to use a 12 Volt Tire Inflator.

  1. Park the ACURA model in a safe location. 
  2. Locate the recommended air pressure sticker. Open the driver's door and look at the frame or look behind the fuel door. Determine the recommended tire pressure for the front and rear tires.

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  3. Plug the air compressor into the cigarette outlet port.
  4. Start the car and let it idle. Turn on the air compressor. acura start car and add air
  5. Add air until the recommended pressure is reached. Typical air pressure for automotive tires is between 32-36 PSI for most cars. About 40-45 PSI for low-profile tires. If the tire is hot or you have been driving the vehicle, increase the recommended tire pressure by 3 PSI.