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This guide provides instructions on how to change the battery on an Audi.

To change the battery on an Audi, you will need a few basic tools such as a 10mm wrench, terminal cleaning brush, battery protector, and of course, a new Audi battery.

Table of Contents


What you will need


  1. Park, your Audi on level ground, set the parking brakes, and remove the key from the ignition.

    park audi


  2. Pull the hood release under the dashboard on the driver's side. Next, go to the front of the car and release the hood latch.

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  3. Locate the battery at the back of the engine bay, above the firewall. If you have a newer Audi, you need to remove the plastic cover held in place with plastic retainers. open trunk to access battery

  4. Use a 10mm wrench to loosen the nut on the negative post. Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery.1995-2020 Audi model Change car battery at home negative termnial
  5. Next, use the 10mm wrench again to disconnect the positive battery terminal.
  6. Remove battery hold-down bracket.  In most cases, this will be a 5mm Allen bolt. In a few cases, it may also be a T40 Torx bolt. 
  7. Lift the old battery and remove it. Carefully lower the new battery in the battery tray. Have another person help you with this step. 
  8. Reinstall the battery bracket. 
  9. Use a battery terminal brush to clean the battery terminals. 
  10. Connect the positive battery cable and tighten the 10mm nut. Ensure the terminal is secure and doesn't move, or it can't be twisted. 

  11. The last step is to connect the negative cable. Tighten the 10mm nut on the negative clamp. When possible, use battery fiber washers to prevent corrosion of the battery terminals. 
  12. Spray battery terminal protector on the battery posts and clamps. A battery protector helps seal the metal surfaces. It helps reduce corrosion and improves current flow.
  13. Replace the battery cover. 
  14. Start the engine.

Symptoms of a bad battery

  • Audi does not start
  • The battery is dead or does not hold a charge.
  • Engine cranks very slow.
  • Audi has no power or lights