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BMW flex discs may fail on high mileage vehicles, which results in loss of power (propulsion) and loud noise from the rear drivetrain.

This guide will provide instructions on how to change a BMW guibo joint.

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BMW flex disc is also referred to as guibo disk or constant velocity joints. It transfers power from transmission to the rear driveshaft.

BMW Flex disc CV Joint at Rear Driveshaft Problem


The rear driveshaft constant velocity (CV) joint on certain BMWs may fatigue and break.
Some symptoms include:
  • BMW driveshaft/flex disc / universal joint failure
  • Vibrations at high speed
  • BMW won't move if guibo joint has failed
  • Unusual noise from the underside of BMW

How to change a BMW Guibo Joint

To fix this problem, your BMW dealer or your mechanic will need to replace the 26117610061 on eBay flex disc.

The flex disc is between the transmission and transfer case and will need to be replaced if it hasn't been replaced already.

The bolts should be replaced as well. If your BMW is covered by a recall, the BMW dealer will replace the flex disc free of charge. Make sure to replace all six hexagonal head bolts and the self-locking nuts.


According to recall 17V-067, BMW states that "The flex disc may not have been produced with insufficient strength." If this problem occurs, the BMW will not move when placed in gear.

If the flex disc joint breaks while driving, it can cause damage to the underbody of the BMW.

The defective flex disc was manufactured by Vibracoustic in Germany. Approximately 8750 BMWs vehicles are affected by this problem, according to a recall SI B26 01 17 (2666), 17V-067 (2667).

Don't ignore this problem. As your BMW ages and you put more miles, the constant velocity joint may break while driving, causing an accident.


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