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Every BMW owner, at some point, will ask the question:

How often should I change the spark plugs on my BMW? 

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The answer to that question depends on the BMW model and especially the engine that is installed in your car.

Not all BMWs have the same spark plug change interval. BMW's change spark plug change interval varies between 35,000 and 100,000 miles.

Let's look at some examples:

BMW with Platinum or Iridium spark plugs

  • 100,000-mile interval
  • Example N52 motor

BMW with Two Ground Spark Plugs

  • 60,000-mile interval
  • Example: N36 E37 E85 E46 M3 M Roadster

BMW M Series Spark Plug Interval

  • 35,000-mile interval
  • E60 M5 E63 E64 M6 E90 E92 M3

BMW with Cooper Spark Plug Change Interval

  • 40,000-mile interval
  • Example: 135i 335i 335i Engine N54, N63

Replacing your BMW spark plugs at the recommended interval ensures that you get the best performance and fuel economy.