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This guide provides instructions on how to change the turn signal switch and cruise control switch on a BMW vehicle. 

Table of Contents

Symptoms of a bad turn signal switch

If the BMW turn signal switch fails, you may experience various problems, including:

  • BMW turn signals not working
  • Turn signal stalk does not cancel
  • One of the turn signals is not working.
  • Turn signal switch does not stay in place.
  • High beam switch/flashers not working
  • Cruise control is not working.

It is important to properly diagnose the problem before any BMW parts are replaced.

We recommend that an auto mechanic that specializes in BMW properly diagnose your car.

If you prefer to diagnose your BMW yourself, you will need a BMW scanner that can read fault codes. Ensure to check fuses, relays, SZL module if your BMW turn signals don't work.

What you will need


Follow these steps to learn how to change the BMW turn signal switch.

  1. Disconnect the negative terminal.  
  2. Remove the airbag from the driver's steering wheel. Detailed instructions on how to replace the BMW steering wheel and airbag can be found here
  3. Remove the steering wheel. 
  4. Pull up the plastic trim away from the steering column. There usually is a couple of screws below the bottom trim that need to be removed. bmw turn signal switch stalk arm replacement diy
  5. Remove the turn signal stalk arm from the steering column switch unit known as the SZL turn signal switch replacement diy guide
  6. Avoid rotating the clock spring; otherwise, you may need to perform steering angle sensor calibration.