Brake Light Switch

Hi there,

I am having issues with my brake lights not coming on and I would like to know how to test the brake light switch for this unit

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Transmission problem

I have a 2002 BMW X5 4.6is V8, a message of trans failsafe appears on the dash. I have replaced the trans fluid and the gear location sensor but

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Gear are not going in

The car will start but no gears will go in 

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2014 BMW X5 F15 multiple misfires

I’m having problems diagnosing code 0300 multiple misfires. On both banks. I’ve replaced all plugs and coils with Bosch. Can’t find any vacuum

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BMW battery registration with Carly reverts back to old settings

I changed my battery in on of my older BMWs, an '11 x5 with about 50K miles on it. I remeasured battery settings through the same app and it

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Transmission problems

Good day i have an e70 BMW and when i im driving the transmission sign comes on and says i cant accelaracc but continue with the journey,it

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Transmission malfunction warning light BMW X5 2009 possibly faulty?

Had the transmission malfunction warning light come on a total of four times in about 5 weeks. It will only come on if I'm on the highway going 80
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BMW X5 2002 3.0d E53 Key Fob Reprogramming

Any one can help on reprogramming key fob for this especific model?

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