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This guide provides instructions on how to get a 2018 and newer Buick Enclave out of the park manually and shift the transmission to Neutral. 

Table of Contents

Keep in mind that once the transmission is moved out of Park, the vehicle may roll if not secured or if parking brakes are not engaged. 

  1. Block the front wheels so that the vehicle will not roll forward or back when the transmission is out of Park. Use wheel chocks or large rocks. 
  2. Open the driver's door. If the car battery is dead, remove the metal key from the keyfob, insert it in the lock cylinder in the driver's door and manually unlock the door. unlock door


  3. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the trim panel on the side of the center console—driver's footwell. shift  buick enclave out of park


  4. Press the brake pedal. 
  5. While you keep the brake pedal pressed, pull the red release. Manually shift buick enclave out of park


Be careful as you release the brake pedal as the vehicle can roll off if it is not on level ground. 

To place the vehicle back in the park, make sure the vehicle is stopped, then press the release to the lock position. 

If the battery in your Buick Enclave is dead and you need to load the vehicle on a flatbed, you will need to get the car out of Park manually. This procedure can also be used if the shifter is stuck in Park and can't select any other gears.