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If the Cadillac AIRBAG light is ON and the "Service Air Bag" message appears in the Driver Information Center, it means that there is a problem with one of the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) components.

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Cadillac Airbag Light

What Causes Cadillac Airbag Light to Come On?

The most common problems that cause the airbag light to stay on in a Cadillac are: 

  • A failed passenger seat mat sensor
  • Previous accident
  • Deployed airbag
  • Seat belt buckle
  • Low battery voltage
  • A defective clock spring
  • Damaged or disconnected airbag wires

A passenger-side airbag warning indicator may also illuminate intermittently if there is a problem with the passenger seat.

Will the airbags work in the case of an accident?

If your Cadillac airbag light is ON, the airbags may not deploy in case of an accident.

When you drive a Cadillac with the airbag light on, you are driving with a safety system disabled. In other words, you and your passengers may not be protected by the airbags if you get in an accident.

We strongly recommend that you get your Cadillac airbag light diagnosed by a professional as soon as possible.

In the next step, you will find instructions on how to read Cadillac airbag codes yourself.

How to Reset Cadillac Airbag Light?

To diagnose and reset the airbag system, you need a scanner that can read Cadillac airbag system codes. A generic OBD-II scanner can not diagnose the Cadillac airbag system and will not show any codes. 

  1. Locate OBD-II Port.  Under your Cadillac dashboard, you will find the Onboard Diagnostic port, also known as the OBD-II port. All 1996 and newer Cadillac have this port.

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  2. Connect Scanner. Plug the OBD2 scanner into the 16 pin OBD2 port. Note that the port is trapezoid in shape and allows the scanner to connect in only one direction. Cadillac airbag light on

  3. Turn on the ignition. Do not start the engine if your Cadillac has a START/STOP button; press the Start button without pressing the brake pedal. Instructions on how to reset Cadillac airbag light
  4. Allow your airbag scanner to power on. The scanner should turn on once the ignition is turned on or to position II. Once the scanner is fully powered, select Cadillac from the menu.Cadillac Airbag reset tool

  5. Read Airbag Codes. Follow the prompting on the diagnostic scanner to select your model, then select AIRBAG from the menu.
  6. Scroll down to read codes and scan your Cadillac for airbag fault codes. 
  7. If the codes you retrieve are PRESENT status, you will need to fix that problem before you can clear the airbag light. If the status of the codes is STORED, it is ok to clear the code. After you clear the Cadillac airbag light, turn off the ignition then back on to determine if the airbag light has been turned off.

The codes you get from the airbag module will be very straightforward to interpret, unlike a check engine light, which can be tricky to diagnose due to tons of possibilities.