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This guide provides instructions on how to check the engine coolant level on a Maserati and how to add coolant if the level is low.

Table of Contents

If the Maserati is overheating, stop immediately, turn off the engine, and let it cool down. Next, check the engine coolant level. 

What you will need


Do not remove the coolant reservoir cap when the engine is running or hot.

  1. Allow the Maserati to cool down for at least thirty minutes. Opening the radiator or coolant reservoir cap when the Maserati engine is hot can cause serious injuries. Verify the engine is cooled down by turning the ignition on and looking at the temperature gauge on the instrument cluster. maserati engine temperature gauage
  2. Pull the hood release under the dashboard. Go to the front of the vehicle and press the hood latch to release the hood. Open Maserati hood
  3. Locate the coolant reservoir. Note the minimum and maximum marks on the side of the coolant overflow tank.Maserati Ghibli engine coolant reservoir
  4. Remove the cap by turning it counterclockwise.Maserati engine coolant reservoir
  5. If the level is below the min mark, add engine coolant to bring the level between the Min and Maximum marks.

Do not add coolant above the MAX mark.

Some symptoms that your Maserati is low on coolant include the needle for TEMP gauge going to the red zone, engine hot light on, and message on the dashboard stating "High coolant temperature." If you have any of these symptoms, turn off the engine in a safe area, wait for at least thirty minutes for the engine to cool down then check the coolant level.

What is Hot Mode?

  • Maserati cars have what is called hot-mode. If the engine temperature gets too high, the transmission goes into a limp mode or reduced output, in which case the engine RPMs are limited to 4000.

What type of coolant does a Maserati car use?

  • According to the Maserati Quattroporte manual, you should use "Inhibited monoethylene glycol-based protective fluid with anti-freezing action: CUNA NC 956-16. Type Shell Glycoshell "

The total capacity is approximately 13 liters or 3.5 US gallons.