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This guide will discuss how to check power steering fluid on Chevrolet vehicles.

This guide applies to Chevrolet with hydraulic power steering. It does not apply to models equipped with electrical power steering. 

Table of Contents



  • Chevy makes a groaning noise when turning the steering wheel
  • The steering wheel is difficult to turn
  • Whining noise when turning the steering wheel
  • Chevrolet steering wheel slow to respond
  • Stiff Chevrolet steering wheel
  • Chevrolet squealing noise at startup

What you will need


  1. Locate the hood release underneath the dash on the driver's side. Pull the lever until you hear the hood pop open. Next, release the hood safety latch at the front of the hood.

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  2. Locate the power steering reservoir. chevrolet power steering reservoir
  3. Remove the power steering cap. Read the current oil level using the cap dipstick. You will notice Low and Max levels for the power steering fluid. Determine if the current power steering level is below the minimum level.
  4. Add the appropriate power steering fluid if needed. If the power steering level is below the minimum mark, add the recommended GM power steering fluid to bring the level between the Min and Max marks. Do not overfill. 

It is not recommended to drive a Chevrolet if it has a low-power steering fluid. Not only will you hear a groaning noise and have a hard time turning the steering wheel but you may damage the power steering pump itself.

Adding power steering fluid to a Chevrolet is a very simple task.