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The Chevy engine may not start if the key fob remote is not recognized. The problem is often caused by a dead key fob battery.

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You may or may not unlock the car with the keyfob. 

When you start the car on the DIC, you typically get a warning message stating NO REMOTE DETECTED or NO REMOTE KEY WAS DETECTED.

Use this method to manually start your Chevy if the remote batteries are dead.


  1. Remove the key from the key fob.
  2. Insert the key in the driver's door handle to remove the cap. chevy manual start engine dead key fob
  3. Pry out the cover to expose the keyhole. how to start chevy dead key battery
  4. Open the driver's door. manually open chevy door
  5. Locate the transmitter pocket, which in most cases is on the center console or the glove box. chevy key insert location in the center console
  6. Insert your key in the transmitter pocket. key pocket chevy

    On the Chevrolet Volt, you need to open the storage compartment on the center console. Removing the rubber mat will expose the hole where you can insert the metal key.

    chevy volt manual start dead key fob battery
  7. Press the START/STOP button to start your Chevrolet. manually start chevrolet dead key fob battery