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In the 2007-2012 Dodge and Chrysler vehicles, the TPMS light may come on due to a damaged TPMS sensor even though the sensor tests OK with a test tool. The TPMS light often comes on intermittently. 

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2007 to 2012 Dodge and Chrysler vehicles may have the TPMS light due to no signal from one sensor. 

When codes are read from the TPMS module, you may see a code as a weak signal from a TPMS sensor or no signal from one of the wheels.  When a technician checks the signal at each TPMS sensor, they are able to get a reading. 

If one sensor is not communicating with the TPMS module but communicates with your test tool because the small metal (red circle) in the sensor has been damaged, most likely during a tire change. 


While it is possible to inspect and, when possible, repair the old TPMS sensor, the recommended fix is to change the sensor that is sending a weak or intermittent signal. 

The faulty sensor can be replaced with OEM or aftermarket TPMS sensors. 

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