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This article provides step-by-step instructions (including videos and pictures) to help you replace the passenger side engine mount on Ford Focus.

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Symptoms of a failed motor mount can often be misdiagnosed as the engine running rough.

  • Vibration can be felt in a cabin or seat
  • Steering wheel shakes
  • Visible engine mount fluid leak

What you will need


  1. Park the vehicle and allow it to cool down.
  2. Support the engine by placing the jack right below the engine. Place a wood block between the engine and the jack to prevent damage to the engine or oil pan.SUPPORT ENGINE FORD FOCUS TO REPLACE ENGINE MOUNT
  3. Remove the coolant tank from the bracket and put it to the side.
  4. Remove the two bolts that secure the engine mount to the frame.REMOVE FORD FOCUS ENGINE MOUNT BOLTS
  5. Remove the two 18mm bolts that secure the engine mount to the engine block. If the engine starts to lower, raise the engine slightly using the jack supporting the engine.remove engine mount ford focus
  6. Once all the bolts and nuts are removed, remove the engine mount from the vehicle by lifting it. Watch the following video for more help.
  7. Install the new engine mount.install ford focus engine mountStart by tightening the nuts to the engine block. If needed, lower the engine until the mount sits on the frame, installing both bolts that secure the mount to the frame.
  8. Torque all the bolts to specification.

Torque Specifications

  • Engine Side Nuts:
    • 65 lb-ft
  • Chassis Bolts:
    • 60 lb-ft (mounts with two bolts)
    • 35 lb-ft (mounts with three bolts)

Ford Focus engine mounts may also be referred to as motor mounts or engine isolators. The passenger side engine mount is oil-filled (hydraulic mount).

The passenger side engine mounts on Ford Focus can fail, leading to engine vibrations to be felt in the cabin. Replacing Ford Focus mounts is an effortless procedure and takes about one to two hours per mount.