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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to change the water pump on the Ford four-cylinder engine known as Duratec FFV 2.0-liter Ti-VCT inline 4.

Pictures and video clips are from a 2014 Ford Focus, but this guide may apply to other Ford and Mazda vehicles with the same engine.

Table of Contents



  • Coolant leak from the water pump
  • Engine Overheats
  • Water Pump Noise

What you will need


  1. Allow the engine to cool down.
  2. Jack up the vehicle and secure it with jack stands.drain coolant
  3. Drain engine coolant by losing the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator, driver's side. drain coolantIf needed, raise the vehicle on the driver's side and secure it with jack stands. Allow the coolant to drain fully. If necessary, jack up the vehicle on the driver's side and secure the vehicle with jack stands.
  4. Remove the coolant tank.
    Remove the return hose to the coolant tank. Press on the connector and pull straight out. Pry out the coolant tank from its brackets and lift and place it to the side.
  5. Support the engine with a floor focus water pump removal support engine Place a piece of wood between the jack and the engine oil pan to prevent engine damage.
  6. Remove the engine mount.
    Remove the 15mm bolts that secure the engine mount to the frame. Remove the 18mm nuts that secure the engine mount to the engine.
  7. Use a 14mm open-end wrench to release the tensioner.
    Slide the drive belt off the tensioner and move it towards the back. Sketch the serpentine belt routing before you remove it so that you know how to install the belt.
  8. Use a 10 mm socket to loosen the three bolts for the water pump pulley. You will have to use an open-end wrench to hold the pulley and prevent it from spinning.
    Remove the pulley from the water pump. Now that the engine mount is removed, you can raise the engine higher if needed. You may need to raise the engine slightly to remove the water pump. Don't raise the engine too high, or you will cause damage to the engine, transmission, or electrical connectors.
  9. Remove the water pump bolts to the engine. water pump bolts ford focus
  10. Remove the old water pump. We had to pry out the water pump as it was rusted and was refusing to come off.remove water pump
  11. Clean the water pump focus water pump leak Use a clean cloth to fully remove the dirt from the water pump housing.clean water pump housing
  12. Install the O ring on the new water pump.water pump o ring ford focus Applying a small amount of grease on the o ring helps with the installation.
  13. Install the new water pump.
    Align the water pump holes with the holes in the engine block. Thread the water pump bolts by hand. Torque the water pump bolts to specification.
  14. Install the pulley on the water pump.
  15. Reinstall the serpentine belt.
    Make sure the belt is routed over the crankshaft and A/C compressor correctly, or you will not be able to install the drive belt.
  16. Install the engine mount. ford passenger engine mountTorque the bolts to 60 lb-ft.
    You may need to lower the engine slightly for the engine mount to sit properly on the car frame.
  17. Install the overflow reservoir. It simply presses in the brackets. Also, connect the return line by pressing it in.
  18. Tighten the radiator coolant drain bolt.
  19. Add engine coolant 50/50 mix to bring the coolant level between the min and max marks.

Torque Specifications

  • Water Pump Bolts
    • 15 Nm
  • Water Pump Pulley Bolts
    • 25 Nm