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  • Troubleshooting Honda Airbag Light Problems | SRS

    If your Honda airbag light remains on, it most likely means that the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) has detected a problem with the airbag system.
  • 10 Common Problems that Trigger Honda / Acura Check Engine Light

    This article will discuss common problems that trigger the Acura and Honda check engine light.
  • Honda Hood Stuck Won't Open or Close

    This guide provides information about common problems that can get the Honda hood stuck. 

    It is not uncommon that a Honda Accord or Civic's hood gets stuck and won't open. It helps to have two people open a stuck hood.

    This article provides a tutorial on how to get your Honda hood open. We will show you how to open the hood on your Honda even if the cable is stuck or broken.
  • Honda CVT Transmission Fluid Change Guide

    This guide provides instructions on how to change the automatic transmission fluid level on Honda equipped with the CVT transmission.
  • How to Check Honda Transmission Fluid | No Dipstick |

    On a late model Honda, you may not have a dipstick to check the automatic transmission fluid.

    If that is the case, you can check Honda automatic transmission fluid level by removing the bolt on the side of the transmission.
  • Lookup Honda Transmission by Model Year Engine

    This table allows you to determine which transmission is installed on your Honda.
  • Troubleshooting Honda Transmission Problems

    This guide will show common Honda transmission problems. Typical symptoms and how to check the transmission fluid and read fault codes yourself. 

    Early 2000s V6 Honda models such as the Odyssey and Accord had higher than normal automatic transmission failures.

    Newer models are not trouble-free either. 2015-2018 Honda and Acura vehicles with ZF 9HP 9-speed automatic transmission were recalled due to problems with gasket leaks that allowed engine coolant and transmission fluid to mix. If coolant is mixed with transmission fluid, it will damage the transmission bands, requiring complete rebuilding. 
  • Honda Spark Plug, Ignition Coil Replacement | 4 Cylinder Engine

    This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to replace the spark plugs and ignition coils on Honda four-cylinder engine.
  • Honda Steering Column Combination Switch Replacement

    This guide provides instructions on how to replace the combination switch on Honda vehicles.

    A Honda combination switch can be replaced in one to two hours with just a few basic tools.  
  • Honda Clock Spring Replacement Guide

    This article provides step-by-step instructions and video clips on how to replace the clock spring on a Honda Civic.
  • Honda Check Engine Light Stays On

    If your Honda check engine light stays on after you start the engine, it means the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system has detected a problem with the engine, transmission, or the emission system.
  • Honda VIN Decoder

    A free Honda VIN decoder that allows you to lookup options, model, year, engine, transmission, and specifications. In addition, you can also check the title records and accidents by clicking Check History.  

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