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This guide provides instructions on how to charge the air conditioner system on any Hyundai vehicle. 

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If your Hyundai A/C has been blowing hot air, not cold, there is a chance the system is low on refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks can cause the system pressure to drop and the A/C compressor to shut down. The procedure will only work if your system has a very small refrigerant leak.  

What you will need


  1. Park the Hyundai. Set the parking brakes, place the gear selector in Park and allow the engine to idle. how to rechage hyundai elantra a/c
  2. Turn the air conditioner ON. Set the climate control to the lowest temperature setting and blower on a/c blowing hot how to fix recharge with freon hyundai elantra
  3. Open the hood of your Hyundai. Locate the low-pressure air conditioner service port and remove the cap.
  4. Locate the air conditioner charging port or service port. In the Elantra, the A/C port is located behind the engine near the to recharge ac hyundai elantra diy
  5. If the connector from the A/C recharge kit doesn't fit on the port, you may be trying to connect to the high-pressure port, which is a different size than the low-pressure port. air condiotioner hyundai elantra how to chargeIf you are still having trouble locating the A/C charging port on your Hyundai, this video explains it all.
  6. Next, connect the A/C charging kit.
  7. Add refrigerant to your air conditioner system. Once you connect the gauge, take a look at the gauge to read your air conditioner system's pressure. If the pressure is low, the gauge reading will be in the white zone. If the pressure is normal, then the gauge should be in the green or blue area, depending on the A/C kit you are using. You should not read on the HIGH / RED zone except when the car is turned off. 

  8. Keep the can UPRIGHT. As you charge the system, shake the can every two or three seconds while you are charging.  Every few seconds, release the trigger to stop the charging process. Take a look at the pressure gauge. (It is normal for the gauge to show overcharged with the engine turned off.) Don't overcharge the A/C system. Stop recharging the A/C system once you get the pressure within the acceptable range. Measurement should only be taken with the engine running.
  9. Disconnect the A/C recharge kit.  Detach the quick connect from the A/C port. Reinstall the cap. Don't overtighten the cap. Close the hood and enjoy your AC system. 

Keep in mind that a system with a large leak may lose the refrigerant quickly and require mechanic repair before being topped off with refrigerant.

This procedure is not recommended for A/C systems that are empty.  On an empty A/C system, the air in the system must be extracted with a vacuum pump. Topping off the Hyundai A/C system is very easy and can take between up to twenty minutes, depending on the system's capacity.


What type of refrigerant do Hyundai vehicles use?


Is A/C covered under the Hyundai warranty?

Yes, as long as the vehicle is under the manufacturer's warranty.