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This guide provides instructions on how to replace Brake Light Bulb Hyundai Elantra model years 2011 through 2016.

Table of Contents


What you will need


How to change the brake light on a Hyundai Elantra. 

  1. Open trunk.
  2. Remove the cover and access the back of the tail light elantra brake light out burned diy guide
  3. Disconnect the electrical wire. Remove three 10 mm nuts that hold the tail light in place. Now you should be able to pull the rear tail light assembly from the body of your Elantra.
  4. Remove the brake light socket by turning it counterclockwise. The socket click will be heard. Pull the socket out. how to replace burned brake light driver passenger hyundai elantra
  5. Remove the brake light bulb from the socket by pulling it out. Be careful not to break the bulb. diy guide hyundai elantra brake light replacement
  6. Install the new brake light bulb into the socket.
  7. Reinstall the socket into the tail light assembly. Align the three tabs on the socket with the three slots in the brake light assembly. Twist the socket clockwise to lock it into the tail light assembly. how to change rear tail light bulb hyundai elantra
  8. Reinstall the brake light assembly. Tighten the three 10 mm bolts. Don't overtighten them to avoid damage.

If your Hyundai Elantra brake lights don't work after replacing the light bulb, check the brake lights' fuse.