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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to replace the engine mount (motor mount) on Hyundai vehicles.

The pictures and videos in this tutorial are from a 2015 Hyundai Elantra but these instructions apply to most Hyundai vehicles with a four-cylinder engine. Owners of Hyundai Tucson, Accent, Santa Fe, Sonata, Genesis, Veloster, Azera, Equus will find these instructions helpful.

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  • Engine Vibration - The most common symptom of a bad motor mount on Hyundai vehicles is excessive engine vibrations. Excessive cabin vibrations can be noticed when stopped at a light. Typically you will feel vibrations through the car seat, on your steering wheel, and inside the cabin. Constant vibrations are felt inside the cabin when driving on the highway at 60 or 70 mph.
  • Excessive Engine Movement - Worn Hyundai engine mounts allow the engine to move or shake more than designed. You will notice this most when you change gears as a worn engine mount will cause the car to feel a bang/hit when gears are changed.
  • Engine Misalignment - The engine may be lower on the side of the failed engine mount.
  • Broken Belts and Hoses - Due to the engine lowering or moving move that it should you may have problems with A/C lines or other hoses breaking too frequently.

What you will need


  1. Remove engine under shield. Support the engine from underneath. In order to do so, first, remove the plastic cover located under the engine. It is not necessary to jack up the car, but it may do so if you find that more to change replace hyundai engine mount yourself This is a picture of an undercover located right below the engine. It is also called the lower splash guard. It is held in place with several 10 mm bolts.

  2. Once bolts have been removed, the cover can be lowered and motor mount diy replacement instructions
  3. Support engine.  Use a floor jack to support the vehicle. If you have a small jack don't place it directly under the oil pan or the engine but use a wood block to place between the jack and the engine. Be careful with this step because you can easily damage the lower part of the engine. As you see in the following picture we used a Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple lift which was perfect for this task. hyundai motor mount how to replace, cost

  4. Remove motor mount.  Remove the bolts that secure the motor mount to the engine. Next, remove bolts that hold the motor mount to your car frame. If the engine starts to lower as you loosen the motor mount to engine bolts make sure to slightly raise the engine using the jack underneath. Otherwise, you risk putting to much stress on the engine hoses and lines and can make them break.

  5. Replace Hyundai motor mount. Install the engine mount. Make sure that the holes on the motor mount align with the bolt holes on the engine and the car frame. If they don't, you may need to jack up or lower the engine until you can see the holes. Start threading the bolts by hand. Be careful tightening the bolts to the engine. Do not over tighten these bolts or you risk striping the threads. Tighten the bolts to recommended torque specifications.

Torque Specifications

  • Tighten bolts to 50 N.m. You may want to use medium strength thread locker (Permatex Medium Strenth Threadlocker) on the motor mount bolts to ensure that they don't get loose due to engine vibrations.

Where to buy Hyundai Motor Mounts

Replacement motor mounts for Hyundai can be purchased on many sites online.

Aftermarket Hyundai motor mounts sell for as little as $40 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Replacing the motor mount on Hyundai vehicles is easy and can be completed at home. You don't need a lift to replace an engine / motor mount.

You will typically know because your car will have constant vibration. The vibrations will be felt on your seat, steering wheel and cabin. Vibrations are felt the most when the car is parked, in drive or at a stop light.

Yes, it is possible that a bad motor mount can cause you to think that the transmission is not shifting smoothly. That's because once the motor mount wear or fails, it will allow the engine to move excessively when the transmission shifts gears.

Yes, you should always support the engine in order to relieve pressure from the hoses, wires and the other two motor mounts. You don't need to raise the engine more than half an inch or so.

Replacing the engine mount on a Hyundai can be completed at home.

As you will see in the video clips provided, a professional should be able to change the motor mount in less than one hour. If you are a DIYer or this is the first time you are replacing the engine mount on your Hyundai, plan on a couple of hours. It is important that you accurately diagnose a bad motor mount before you start replacing car parts. Before we jump to the Hyundai motor mount replacement instructions let's go over possible symptoms of bad engine/motor mounts.