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This guide provides instructions on how to change the window regulator on a Hyundai vehicle. 

Table of Contents

The pictures and video clips in this guide are from a 2015 Hyundai Elantra, but these instructions should help you replace the window regulator on Hyundai Sonata, Accent, Santa Fe, Veloster. 

What you will need

On a high-mileage Hyundai, consider replacing the window motor together with the window regulator. In the aftermarket parts market, you will find that the window motor and regulator are often sold as one unit. 


  1. Disconnect Negative Battery Terminal.  Always disconnect the battery when working with electrical components on your Hyundai.

  2. Remove the door panel. Next, remove the door trim panel. Both front and rear doors (driver or passenger) has a couple of screws that need to be replaced.

  3. Once the screws are removed, the panel can be removed from the door. Remove and Install New window motor.  Start by disconnecting the connector from the window motor. The window regular motor is held in place with three bolts. This may be a good time to confirm that the window motor is defective.
  4. Reinstall the window regulator. Connect all the electrical connectors. Connect the door handle release. Before you put the panel back, test the window motor operation.  
  5. Line up all the white plastic retainers in the door panel with the hones in the door. If any of the plastic retainers broke during removal, replace them. You can find replacement retainers at your local auto parts store. Once all the wires have been connected, pins are lined up, press the door panel in. Install screws to secure the door panel. 

Replacing the window regulator is relatively easy. This job requires patience and proceeded with care. 

Before you decide to replace the window regulator or motor, make sure the window switch is working properly and the fuse for the windows is not blown. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • First, check the fuse for the power windows. If the fuse has blown, it is very likely that either the window motor or the window regulator is defective. It is also possible that the window switch on your Hyundai is defective and needs to be replaced.
  • The window regulator motor is located inside the door of your Hyundai. It is the motor that makes the window move up and down. It can cost between $60 and $150 when purchased at the Hyundai dealer. Exact aftermarket or even a genuine window regulator can be purchased online.
  • Yes. This can be a sign of the window motor brushing being near the end of its useful life.

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