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Looking to add a remote engine start to your Kia?

This article provides a list of remote start systems available for Kia vehicles.

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These engine start systems fit Kia Optima, Sorento, Cadenza, K900, Soul, Niro, Sportage, Sedona. A Kia remote start kit allows you to start your engine from a distance, which is a nice feature if you want to warm up your vehicle (or cool it down the interior).

Most OEM remote start kits for Kia can be purchased online. They are plug-and-play and do not require any wire splicing. We recommend direct fit kits as they fully integrate with your Kia, even in a vehicle with the keyless entry system.

Genuine OEM Kia Remote Start Kits

kia remote start kitsKit: U8560-24004 on eBay

Add remote engine start to your Kia Soul. These kits are easy to install and require no drilling. Note that there are several remote start kits available for the Kia Soul.

Once you add Remote Starter to your Kia Soul, you will be able to start up your car from 500 feet away. This kit does not replace your original Kia keys. No need to splice any wires when you use a genuine remote start kit.

If you don't get into your Kia within twenty minutes, your car will turn off. This is a safety feature. This Kia remote start kit will work even if your car has a keyless entry and automatic transmission.

Sorento Remote Start

Kit: U8560-1U003

This Kia remote start kit will allow you to start your Kia Sorento engine remotely. Use a genuine Kia kit, and you will NOT need to drill any holes.

Start your Kia Sorento from 500 feet away. Note that the Kit is only compatible with certain 2010 and newer Kia Sorento vehicles, so check the item description carefully.

Sedona Remote Start

Kit 1: A9F60-AQ700 on eBay

Kit 2: C6F57-ACE01

Pre heat or cool down your Kia Sedona. This kit works on newer Kia Sedona models. If you are not sure, call your local Kia dealer and verify that the kit works on your Sedona. You can install this Kia Sedona remote start kit yourself in a couple of hours. This is a genuine Kia remote start kit and integrates nicely with Kia's existing factory entry system.

Forte Remote Start

Kit U8560-1M000

An OEM genuine Kia engine start kit that is designed to work with certain model years Kia Soul.

Optima Remote Start

Kit: 4UF60-AQ701

Sportage Remote Start

Kit: 3W056-ADU01

Why OEM Kia Remote Start?

There are several advantages of using an OEM Kia remote starter, such as:

  • Installation instructions provided.
  • Kia Genuine OEM Parts Won't Void Warranty.
  • No splicing required
  • It does not replace old keys.
  • Two transmitters provided
  • Installation hardware and wire harness included.

Aftermarket Kia Remote Auto Start Kits

If you are looking for a cheap way to add a remote start to your Kia, an aftermarket remote start kit would be the answer. While they are a lot cheaper than the OEM remote start kits, they require experience to install. Keep in mind that aftermarket remote starters require splicing and cutting wires.

  1. Avital 4103LX Remote Start System with 4-button remote The Avital is another aftermarket engine remote starter for Kia owners. It is one of the best best-selling kits on Amazon. It will require that you install a bypass module. Not only can you start the car, but you can also sound the alarm or flash the parking lights. You can start the car remotely or even let the car running after you remove the key. This is one of the cheapest remote start kits that work on Kia vehicles as well.

  2. MPC Remote Engine Start for Kia MPC makes aftermarket engine start kits for Kia. They work even with Kia models equipped with the push-to-start ignition. The kit includes all the parts required for installation but will need a few wire connections. You will need to have some basic understating of electrical circuits and DIY skills. This kit is a lot cheaper than the OEM Kia remote start. If you have any questions, call 520-572-2220.