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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to check the engine coolant level on a Lexus vehicle. 

Table of Contents

In case the engine coolant level is low, you will also find steps to learn how to add engine coolant. You must allow the engine to cool down before you can add any engine coolant. 

What you will need


  • Risk of getting burned.
  • Do not open a coolant cap if the engine is still hot. 


  1. Park the vehicle, turn off the engine, and allow it to cool down. 
  2. Start by pulling the release lever located under the dashboard, driver's side.Open lexus hoodOpening Lexus car hood
  3. Press the safety lever under the hood and open the hood hod latch
  4. Locate the engine coolant reservoir in the engine bay. 2007-Lexus-GS-350 Engine Coolant 2004-Lexus-ES-330 coolant reservoir check levelLexus engine coolant reversoir
  5. Check the coolant level on the body of the coolant container. You should see a MAX (FULL) and MIN ( LOW) mark on the side of the container. The level should be between these two marks. Lexus coolant reservoir level
  6. Allow the engine to cool down, then slowly open the coolant container cap by turning it coolant cap open cap
  7. Dilute coolant with water such that the mix is 50% water and 50% coolant(  Ensure to verify that the coolant is not premixed, though. If this is the case, then you do not need to mix the coolant with water)
  8. Pour your coolant into the coolant container while watching the markings on the exterior of the plastic container.
  9. Observe the coolant for a minute or two to ensure that there are no leaks. 
  10. Reinstall the coolant cap. Locating coolant reservoir in Lexus car

Carefully monitor the engine temperature gauge on the instrument cluster. 

It is not recommended to keep the engine running if it continues to overheat or if it keeps losing coolant. 

Check for coolant leaks. 

It is not normal to have to add engine coolant frequently. Have an auto mechanic diagnose and repair your vehicle.