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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to read Lexus check engine light codes, also known as Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

Table of Contents


What you will need


  1. Turn on the ignition, but do not start the engine. If your Lexus has START/STOP button, press it without pressing the brake pedal. Turning Ignition


  2. Connect the OBDII scanner to the diagnostic port of your vehicle located under the dashboard, driver's side. Connecting OBD scanner


  3. Press enter to connect to the onboard diagnostic system. Select OBD-II from the main menu. Scroll down to Read Codes / Fault Codes.
  4. If all codes show as STORED, go back and Clear Fault Codes. If the check engine light persists after clearing the code, take note of the displayed codes and search the meaning of the codes.

Reading and clearing check engine codes on a Lexus vehicle is easy. This procedure works on all 1996 Lexus vehicles. Fault codes should only be cleared after addressing all the fault codes stored in the Engine Control Unit.