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Here you will learn how to get inside any Mercedes-Benz if you locked the keys inside the vehicle or in the trunk/boot. 

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If you locked the keys inside your Mercedes-Benz or in the trunk, don't panic. Many of us have been in that situation; we don't like to talk about it. 

Here are what you can do if you locked the keys in a Mercedes-Benz or inside the trunk, boot:

  • Call a locksmith or unlock the driver's door yourself using a coat hanger. 
  • Order Emergency Key from Mercedes-Benz dealer. 
  • If you have to, go for the small triangular window in the rear door

If the key is locked in the trunk and the car battery is dead, you should still unlock the driver's door, then power up the vehicle using the jump start terminals in the engine bay and unlock the trunk using the trunk release button.  

Call a Locksmith

call a locksmith

The safest way to get the key out of the car is to call a locksmith. There is a locksmith in every town, and in most cases, they can get your Mercedes-Benz unlocked in 30 minutes.

Click here to find a locksmith near your location. 

A locksmith uses Emergency Door Unlock Kit to unlock the driver's door.

Of course, you can try to pull the door lock with a coat hanger; just be careful not to scratch the vehicle. 

A locksmith will use a wedge or airbag and insert it at the top right corner of the driver's door. Then use a tool to unlock the driver's door or press the unlock button. If you try this yourself, be careful not to scratch the car. 

Order Emergency Key 


If the car is parked at a safe location and you don't need to use it for a few days, we recommend ordering an emergency key from the dealer. 

The emergency key is the metal blade that goes inside the key fob. You can use the emergency key to unlock the driver's door or the trunk.

In most cases, the emergency key costs around $100, but that is a lot cheaper than buying a new key or getting a car locksmith to come out. 

Call the dealership and ask if it is possible to order just the mechanical key without towing the vehicle to the dealership. If you have a relationship with a Mercedes-Benz service advisor, they can order the emergency by providing proof of ownership such as vehicle title.  

Rear Window?


There may be a time when you are stranded far away from home, and none of these options are feasible.

The only solution, in this case, maybe to break one of the windows. We do not recommend this route because it can be dangerous, and you can get cut. 

Don't just break driver's or passenger's door glass, especially if you have to drive for hours.

It is not going to be comfortable driving for hours with a broken driver's window. 

If you break the small triangular window, you will not notice as much road noise and wind noise. The triangular glass on the rear doors can be purchased from the dealer or a wrecking yard. 

Spare Key

If you have a spare key at home, it's time to go pick it up and use that to unlock the car. It will work even if one key is locked inside the vehicle. 

Locked Keys Inside Mercedes-Benz Here you will learn how to get inside any Mercedes-Benz if you locked the keys inside the vehicle or in the trunk/boot.