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Below you will find a list of Seat transmissions by year, model, and engine size.

Table of Contents

Model Year Type of Transmission Engine Transmission Model
ALHAMBRA 00-09 4 SP FWD L4 1.9/2.0L AG4
ALHAMBRA 00-10 5 SP F/AWD L4 1.8/1.9L V6 2.8L JF 506-E
ALHAMBRA 10-16 6 SP F/AWD L4 2.0L DQ250(02E)
ALTEA/XL 04-15 6 SP FWD L4 1.9L/2.0L TF-61SN
ALTEA/XL 04-15 6 SP F/AWD L4 1.9L/2.0L DQ250(02E)
ALTEA/XL 08-15 7 SP ́FWD L4 1.6L/1.8L DQ200
AROSA 00-04 4 SP FWD L4 1.4L JF404-E
CORDOBA 02-07 4 SP FWD Ç4 1.4L JF404-E
EXEO 09-12 6 SP FWD L4 1.8L/2.0L ZF 6HP28
IBIZA 01-08 4 SP FWD L4 1.4L JF404-E
IBIZA 08-16 7 SP FWD L4 1.2/1.4/1.6L DQ 200
LEON 00-05 L4 1.6/1.8L AG4  
LEON 05-12 6 SP FWD L4 1.4/2.0L TF-61SN
LEON 05-16 6 SP FWD L4 1.9L/2.0L DQ250(02E)
LEON 07-16 7 SP FWD L4 1.6L/1.8L DQ200
MII 12-16 5 SP FWD L3 1.0L SQ100
TOLEDO 96-01 4 SP FWD L4 1.6L/1.8L/2.0L 01M
TOLEDO 00-05 4 SP FWD L4 1.6/1.8L AG4
TOLEDO 12-14 7 SP FWD L4 1.4L DQ200
TOLEDO 05-08 6 SP FWD L4 2.0L TF-61SN


You can also lookup Seat transmission by VIN using the Decoder Tool.