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Below you will find a list of Smart transmissions by year, model, and engine size.

Table of Contents

Model Year Type of Transmission Engine Transmission Model
FORFOUR 14 7 SP FWD L3 0.9L L4 1.2L PF251
FORFOUR 15-16 6 SP RWD L3 0.9/1.0L L4 1.2L PS250
FORTWO 07-15 5 SP RWD L3 0.8L/1.0L 452A
FORTWO 15-16 6 SP RWD L3 0.9L/1.0L PS250
FORFOUR 15-18 6 SP RWD L3 0.9/1.0L L4 1.2L 6 DCT250
FORTWO 15-18 5 SP RWD L3 0.8/1.0L 452A
FORTWO 14-18 6 SP RWD L3 0.9L 1.0L 6DCT250


You can also look up Smart transmission by VIN using the Decoder Tool