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The instructions on this guide show how to unlock a Lexus that has a dead car battery. Also, use this method to manually open the driver's door if you have a key fob with discharged batteries.

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Follow these steps to unlock a Lexus door manually. 

  1. Push the key release on your key fob to remove the Lexus emergency key from the keyfob. Emergency Look
  2. Under the driver’s door handle, you should see a hole. Door Handle Hole
  3. Use the emergency key to remove the cover to access the keyhole in the driver’s door. Door handle Cover
  4. Put your key into the keyhole and turn like you would a door.Open the Door
  5. Pull the door handle and open the lexus door
  6. To start the engine, press the START button with the keyfob. Unlock Start lexus dead battery

These instructions will help you unlock the driver's side door. This procedure can be used when the car battery is dead, and you can't unlock the car with the key fob. It can also be used if the batteries in the keyfob are dead. 

Why Lexus Door Won't Unlock

Lexus doors may not unlock for one of the following reasons: 

  • Dead car battery
  • Dead batteries in the keyfob
  • Faulty door lock actuator
    • Typically affects just one door. 

How do I get into my Lexus when the battery dies

how to get inside lexus dead battery

To unlock a Lexus with a dead battery, you can use the emergency metal key inside the keyfob to unlock the driver's doors. 

The instructions on this guide show you how to unlock a Lexus with a dead battery manually.