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Step-by-step procedure on how to oil change and replace the air filter on a 2016 Mazda 3.

Table of Contents

What you will need


Capacity: 4.4  US qt (4.6l)

1 quart (US) = 0.9463 liter



  1. Park the vehicle on level ground.
  2. Put wheel chocks or block the back wheel of the vehicle to prevent it from rolling back.
  3. Jack up the vehicle.Jacking up the Mazda 3.
  4. Support the vehicle with jack stands.

    Support the vehicle with jack stands.
  5. Detach the small cover under the engine by removing all the screws and pushing pins around it.Removing the plastic cover under the engine.

    Use a screwdriver to remove the screws and a flat screwdriver to unlock the push pins.

  6. Locate the oil filter and drain plug under the engine.The oil filter of the Mazda 3.
  7. Put the oil pan below the drain plug and oil filter.
  8. Loosen the oil drain plug using an Allen wrench and drain the engine oil by removing the drain plug by hand. Loosen the drain plug of the engine.

    To loosen the drain plug, turn the Allen wrench counterclockwise. 

    Drain the engine oil of the Mazda 3
  9. Remove the old oil filter and install the new oil filter.Removing the oil filter of the engine.

    Loosen the oil filter using a clamp plier. Once the oil filter is loose, remove it by hand. 

    Installing the new oil filter.
  10. Replace the copper washer on the drain plug and reinstall the drain plug back.

    Reinstalling the drain plug with a new copper washer.


  11. Open the hood and locate the oil cap on the top of the engine.The oil cap and dipstick of the engine on a Mazda 3.Open the oil cap by turning it counterclockwise.


    The oil cap of the Mazda 3.
  12. Put a funnel on the oil cap and pour in the engine oil. Make sure to reinstall the oil cap back when done adding the oil.Adding engine oil to the Mazda 3.

    Use the brake fluid recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer.

  13. Check the oil level. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean, then fully insert the dipstick and pull it out again.Checking the oil level of the engine. The indicator of the oil level is on the bottom of the dipstick.


    Checking the oil level of the engine.


Torque Specifications

  • Oil filter: 22-26 ft-lbs
  • Oil drain plug: 23-30 ft-lbs

One newton meter equals 0.7376 ft-lbs, rounded to 4 decimal places. To convert newton meters to foot-pounds, multiply your figure by 0.7376.

Applicable Oil Filters

  • Genuine Mazda (1WPE-14302)
  • Genuine Mazda (LF05-14-302B)
  • Pulorator PL14612
  • Pulorator PL10241
  • Fram PH6607
  • Fram XG3614
  • Mobil 1 M1-108A
  • K&N PS-1008
  • K&N KN-198 Polaris
Mazda 3 Change Engine Oil DIY Step-by-step procedure on how to oil change and replace the air filter on a 2016 Mazda 3.