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This guide will provide procedure on how to change the Mercedes-Benz 9 speed automatic transmission. 

Table of Contents

This transmission is identified as the New Automatic Gearbox Generation Three, or NAG3. Initially, it debuted on the E 350 BlueTEC in 2013, before launching in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W222). It has been expanded to be used in the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) and the sedan and wagon variants of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213). This transmission was later introduced on Mercedes-Benz M-Class (W166) facelift on the GLE 250 d model. V12 engine models continue to use the older Mercedes-Benz 7G-Tronic transmission. Jatco also fabricates it for use in Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.

9G-TRONIC (725.0) has four planetary gear sets with six clutches. The torque converter can transmit the motor power without a loss (slip). To reduce vibrations, a fly-force pendulum damper is additionally installed. 

What You Will Need


  • Mercedes-Benz Recommended Fluid
    • Shell ATF D97 - See the chart below for more options. 
    • Specification sheet 236.16 /  236.17
    • MB PN: A001 989 92 03
    • Approximately 10 litters
  • Oil Fill Adapter - PN: W725 589 00 90 00
  • New Automatic Transmission Oil Pan
    • Should include filter, gasket, and plug. 
  • Professional Diagnostic Scanner 
  • Drain Plug Socket 
    • PN: 724 589 01 09 00



Follow these steps to change the transmission fluid on Mercedes-Benz 9 G-Tronic 725.0. 

  1. Park vehicle and allow the engine and transmission to cool down. 
  2. Raise the vehicle at all four corners and secure it with jack stands. Ensure the vehicle is level.  
  3. Remove the rearmost and center panels (splash shield). Typically held in place with several 8mm screws. 
  4. Remove the protective heat shield plate at the front right side of the oil pan. 
  5. Place an oil pan under the transmission pan, directly below the fluid drain hole. 
  6. Use the adapter to remove the quick release plug and allow the transmission fluid to drain. This should be position 1, and only a small amount of fluid will drain. 
  7. Insert a socket wrench (PN: 725 589 00 09 00) inside the oil drain plug hole and rotate the center to allow more fluid to drain out. This should be position 4; you will be able to drain most of the oil in the oil pan. Allow the transmission fluid to drain. 
  8. Use a 3/8" or 1/2" socket extension to push the drain pipe up. This will knock out the drain pipe and allow the rest of the fluid to drain. It is possible to also drain the fluid from the torque converter. Remove the plastic cap located directly below the torque converter, then remove the bolt on the torque converter to drain it.  
  9. Measure all the volume of the fluid that was drained from the vehicle. 
  10. Remove all ten transmission oil pan bolts. Oil may still be in the oil pan; therefore, be cautious when you take it off. 
  11. On 4Matic models, you will need to remove the transmission mount to drop the transmission fluid pan. 
  12. Next, you need to install the oil pan. Before you place the oil pan on the vehicle, check the position of the overflow pipe. Make sure it is pushed all the way in. Also, the overflow pipe should be set to position 1. This is the highest position and allows the pan to be filled with fluid without the fluid coming out. 
  13. Place the oil pan on the transmission and install the bolts. 
  14. Torque the bolts in a criss-cross pattern to 4 Nm starting with the corners. . Next, tighten each bolt an additional ninety degrees. 
  15. Make sure the overflow pipe is to position 1, then connect the adapter. 
  16. Add as much new transmission as you removed as measured in step 10 plus an additional 0.5 quart or 0.5 litter. 
  17. Remove the fill adapter and install the cap. 
  18.  Connect a professional diagnostic scanner to the OBD-II port under the dashboard, driver's side. 
  19. Once the scanner is turned on, select the correct Mercedes-Benz model. 
  20. Go to Control Units, then select Transmission (VGS) under Drivetrain. 
  21. In the automatic transmission menu, scroll down to Actuations and select it. 
  22. Next select Check Fluid Level, then press Next. Follow the on-screen instructions to read the transmission fluid level. 

Fluid Change Interval

The recommended fluid change interval for Mercedes-Benz 9G 725.0 automatic transmission is six years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

Torque Specs

  • Oil Pan Bolts: 4 Nm then 90-degree angle

What is the recommended fluid for the Mercedes-Benz 9-speed transmission? 

These are approved Mercedes-Benz transmission fluids that can be used in 9-speed 725 automatic transmission according to 236.17 specifications for operating fluids sheet. 

Product name Principal
Mercedes-Benz Genuine ATF FE MB 236.17 Mercedes-Benz AG, Stuttgart/Deutschland
Fuchs TITAN ATF 9134 FE FUCHS PETROLUB SE, Mannheim/Deutschland
RAVENOL ATF M 9-G Serie Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH, Werther/Deutschland
Shell D971 Shell International Petroleum Company, LONDON/UNITED KINGDOM
Shell Spirax S6 ATF D 971 Shell International Petroleum Company, LONDON/UNITED KINGDOM
Sinopec Greatwall ATF-B.17 Lubricant Company, Sinopec Corp., Beijing/P. R. of CHINA

Technical Data

Automatic Transmission  725 Unit
Designation W9A 700  
Shift Mechanism 9-Speed Automatic  
Number of ratios 9+R  
Gear ratio spread 9.15  
Weight of automatic transmission + torque converter 94.8 kg
Fluid Capacity 10 (approx) L
Max RPM 1st to 7th gear 7000 rpm
8th Gear 5900 rpm
9th Gear 5000 rpm
Overall Length 644-649 mm
Starting Device Hydraulic Torque Converter  
Max. Input Torque  700 Nm


  • 2015–2017 Mercedes-Benz W205 (some models)
  • 2018–present Mercedes-Benz W205 (all models)
  • 2014–2016 Mercedes-Benz W212 (E 350 BlueTec only)
  • 2016–present Mercedes-Benz W213 (all models)
  • 2017–present Mercedes-Benz W222 (all except V12 models)
  • 2021-present Aston Martin DBX

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check the transmission fluid level on Mercedes-Benz 9G 725.0?

  • The oil level on Mercedes-Benz 9G transmission is checked using the overflow method, similar to the 7G-Tronic 722.9

Do I need to remove the transmission mount to remove the transmission pan? 

On many 4Matic models, you have to support the transmission then remove the transmission mount before you can take off the transmission pan. 

  • Transmission 725.0 in model 205, 253 with engine 274 with code M005 (4MATIC)
  • Transmission 725.0 in model 205, 253 with engine 276.8 with code M005 (4MATIC)
  • Transmission 725.0 in model 205, 253 with engine 651 with code M005 (4MATIC)
  • Transmission 725.0 in model 253 with engine 642 with code M005 (4MATIC)

Can you perform transmission fluid flash on Mercedes-Benz 9G transmission? 

  • Yes, it is possible to flush the transmission fluid. For more help, watch the following video. 

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