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This guide will show you how to fix the trims on a Mercedes-Benz. 

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Replacing a door trim can be easily done by the dealership. They can remove the entire trim holder and install a new trim with a new trim holder or channel.

However, aside from the installation fee, they would also give a trim holder which color is way off the other holder; there is still a need for additional work like repainting it, which would add to the cost. 

To save cost on the installation of the door trim, kindly follow our step-by-step guide below.

What you will need




  1. Measure the inner width of the trim holder using a micrometer caliper; use millimeter as measuring unit.
  2. Before purchasing a door trim, find the door trim that would match the color and texture of the good trim on the other door. Also, make sure that the with is equal to your measurements.
  3. Before installation, it is recommended to clean the trim holder to ensure that dirt or debris will not affect the adhesion of the new trim.
  4. Peel off the trim's adhesive cover to expose the adhesive layer.
  5. Avoid touching the adhesive side with your fingers to prevent dirt from being absorbed by the adhesive.
  6. Install the trim from the backside of the door towards the front.
  7. Cut the end of the trim to match the length of the holder.
Mercedes-Benz Door Trim Removal Procedure This guide will show you how to fix the trims on a Mercedes-Benz.