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In this article, we will show you how to reinstall a Mercedes Benz door panel.

Table of Contents

This guide provides instructions on how to reinstall the door panel on a Mercedes Benz.

What you will need




  1. Reconnect door panel electrical connector.

  2. Connect blue and green connectors.

  3. Push the lower front area of the panel.push-front-panel


  4. Hook up the inner door latch link.hook-door-latch-link


  5. Cable guide view.cable-guide


  6. J-connector hook view.
  7. Connect the J-connector hook.connect-j-conn-hook


  8.  Secure the cable. Hold the speaker wire. hold-speaker-wire
  9. Re-check all connectors, including the


  10. Connect lock actuator.Connect-lock-actuator


  11. Connect lock actuator to door panel lock slot.connect-lock-actuator-to-door-panel


  12. Align door panel.Align-door-panel


  13. Insert the top portion of the panel, then push down.insert-top-portion-of-panel


  14. Push-fit the lower front side of the panel.push-lower-panel


  15. Push-fit the bottom side of the panel.push-fit-bottom-panel


  16. Push-fit the rear bottom part of the panel.push-fit-bottom-panel


  17. Push-fit the back middle side of the panel.push-fit-middle-side-panel


  18. Install and fasten the retaining bolt on the latch.install-retaining-bolts1


  19. Reinstall bolt-on middle side of the panel.reinstall-bolt2


  20. Push-fit the window control


  21. Connect metal trim.Connect-meta-trim


  22. Hookup speaker to speaker wire.hook-speaker-wire


  23. Attach the speaker to the speaker panel.Attach-speaker-to-panel


  24. Install speaker panel to the door.install-speaker-panel-to-door


  25. Push the side mirror panel until it clicks.push-mirror-till-click

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the car door panel equip with?

  • Doors currently have an inner full-width panel consisting of electronic windows, a central locking system, and speakers. These panels typically consist of a foamed core covered with either textiles or plastics.

How much is a new door panel?

  • A vehicle door panel replacement may cost you around $200 to $500.
Mercedes-Benz Install Door Panel In this article, we will show you how to reinstall a Mercedes Benz door panel.