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This guide provides instructions on how to change engine oil and filter on Mercedes-Benz M272 V6 and M273 V8 engines.

See the Applications sections at the end of this guide for more details.

Table of Contents


What You Will Need

Before you start

  • Several Mercedes-Benz models do not have an oil dipstick. Measure the oil level via the instrument cluster.
  • A secure vehicle with jack stands and block the rear wheels. 


  1. Jack up the Mercedes-Benz and secure it with jack stands. Place the car in the park. Block the rear wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling back.
  2. Pull the hood release and open the mercedes hood


  3. Remove the front part of the engine cover. The front part of the engine cover pops up. mercedes m272 m273 oil change
  4. Remove the panel under the engine. This is also called the splash shield. There are three panels—one behind the bumper, one below the engine, and one under the transmission. Remove the panel that's under the engine. It is held in place with several 8mm screws.  mercedes mercedes w204 oil filter change
  5. Remove the oil drain plug. Use a 13mm socket and ratchet to remove the oil drain plug and drain the engine oil. Caution: Engine oil may be hot. mercedes gl450 oil change
  6. Remove the oil filter. Use an oil removal tool to unscrew the oil housing by turning it counterclockwise. mercedes gl450 oil change  

  7. Carefully lift the filter and place a rug under it to avoid drips on the engine. removed engien filter mercedes
  8. Replace all the O rings use a small flathead screwdriver. mercedes oil filter
  9. Install the new filter. Make sure the first line on the oil filter is covered and the second line is near the filter cap. Use a little force to get the filter in the correct position. mb oil filter
  10. Install the oil filter on the car. Before you insert the filter, make sure the first mark on the filter is covered; the second line should be barely noticeable.
  11. Torque the filter housing to 25 Nm (18.5 ft-lb) torque mercedes filter
  12. Install the oil drain plug. Replace oil drain plug washer.drain plug Install the oil drain plug and torque it to 30 Nm.
  13. Install the splash shield. Don't forget to install all of the screws.mercedes splash shield
  14. Remove the oil filter cap and add engine oil. Add 7 quarts of engine oil to start with and check the level. Add oil as needed. oil cap


  15. Lower the vehicle and check the engine oil level via the buttons on the steering wheel. If needed, add oil to bring the level to the recommended level.

The instructions in this guide will help owners of 2004 present Mercedes-Benz, including models such as C-Class, E-Class, CLC Class, SLK-Class, CLS Class, E Class, SL Class, Viano, R-Class, S-Class, ML-Class.


List of cars with the M272/M273 engine. Please note that the oil capacity may vary slightly between models. Before you start changing Mercedes engine oil, verify engine oil capacity on your owner's manual.

Mercedes-Benz M272 V6 engine


  • 2005 2011 C230 (renamed C250 in 2010)
  • 2005 2009 E230
  • 2008 2011 CLC230


  • 2004 present SLK280
  • 2005 2010 CLS280
  • 2005 2010 CLK280
  • 2005 2014 C280 (C300 in 2008)
  • 2005 present E280 (E300 in 2007)
  • 2005 present SL280
  • 2005 present Viano
  • 2006 present R280
  • 2007 present S280


  • 2004 2016 SLK350
  • 2004 2014 CLS350
  • 2005 2010 CLK350
  • 2005 2014 C350
  • 2005 2011 E350
  • 2005 2013 S350
  • 2005 2016 SL350
  • 2006 2017 R350
  • 2006 2016 ML350
  • 2005 2014 Viano
  • 2006 2013 Sprinter
  • 2008 2011 CLC350
  • 2008 2012 GLK350

Mercedes-Benz M273 engine

450 4.7 L (4663 cc)

  • 2007 GL450
  • 2007 S450
  • 2007 ML450

550 5.5 L

  • 2006 E500/E550
  • 2006 CL500/CL550
  • 2006 CLS500/CLS550
  • 2006 GL500/GL550
  • 2008- ML500/ML550
  • 2006 2009 S500/S550
  • 2006 2009 CLK500/CLK550