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A common problem that Mercedes-Benz owners face is a power steering leak. 

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While power steering fluid leaks can happen for a number of reasons, one of the most common issues is that the rubber O-ring that connects the power steering fluid reservoir to the power steering pump becomes brittle and cracks over time. 

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to remove a Mercedes Benz power steering reservoir and replace the O-ring. 

This guide can be used as a reference as well if you need to remove or replace the power steering reservoir. 

What you will need




  1. Park the vehicle on a level surface. Put the transmission in the Park position.
  2. Allow the engine to cool down.
  3. Pull the hood release under the dashboard to release the hood. Pop the hood open. 
  4. Remove engine cover by pulling it up then towards the front of the vehicle.remove-engine-cover


  5. Remove the air intake hose on the driver's side. Remove-air-hose


  6. Remove the reservoir cap by turning it counterclockwise. remove-reservoir-cap


  7. Place an oil pan under the car, then use a fluid transfer pump to drain the reservoir.
  8. Using Torx 30 (T-30), remove three(3) reservoir bolts; you may use a plier or a small pipe to add some leverage in turning the screws.remove-reservoir-screwsuse-l-screwdriveroptional-lever


  9. Using a pick tool, remove the locking C-clip from the back of the reservoir by pulling it. Be careful not to drop the C-clip. remove-lock-clipuse-pick-tool


  10. Pull the reservoir towards the front of the vehicle, then tilt it down a bit after it comes off to minimize power steering fluid leak.pull-reservoirtilt-down


  11. Replace the O-ring on the power steering inlet tube.replace-o-rings


  12. Remove the clamp for the return hose. You can use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the clamp. Once the clamp is loose, the hose can be pulled back. Replace the clamp. remove-hose


  13. Reinstall in reverse order. Do not forget to install a new O-ring and clamp for the return power steering hose fluid. Reinstall the C-clip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace a power steering reservoir at home? 

  • Yes. 

What is a power steering reservoir?

  • The power steering fluid reservoir holds the fluid that powers the steering system in your vehicle.

What happens if a power steering reservoir leaks?

  • If the power steering reservoir leaks, there is a risk of a complete loss of power steering fluid. You will hear groaning noise from the steering pump, and the steering wheel will be hard to turn. 

What happens if the power steering fluid completely drains while driving?

  • If the power steering fluid completely drains while driving, the steering wheel will be tough to turn. 

Do all cars have a power steering reservoir? 

  • Not all cars have a power steering reservoir. Vehicles equipped with electric power steering may not have a power steering reservoir.
Mercedes-Benz Power Steering Reservoir Leak Fix A common problem that Mercedes-Benz owners face is a power steering leak.