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This guide provides instructions on how to replace the radiator cooling fan on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Most of the pictures in this guide are from a CLS-Class, but these instructions apply to an E-Class as well.  

Table of Contents

Replacing the cooling fan on a Mercedes-Benz is easy and takes about one hour.


Symptoms of a bad cooling fan include:

  • Cooling fan does not work, engine overheat
  • Warning message on dashboard
  • The cooling fan runs full speed due to a faulty controller

What you will need


  1. Park the vehicle and allow it to cool down.
  2. Pull the hood release and open the hood.
  3. Pry out the two plastic pins at each end of the top radiator radiator bracket
  4. Remove the upper radiator support.Mercedes top radiator support bracket removalIt is held in place with three T25 bolts on each side. On some models, such as CLS and CLK, you may need to remove the front grill as well.
  5. Disconnect the wires from the horn.disconnect mercedes horn
  6. Remove the top radiator support bracket.Remove Mercedes Top Radiator Bracket
  7. Carefully release the hood release cable from the top bracket. It is clipped to the bottom of the top radiator bracket.hood cable
  8. Locate the electrical connector on the back of the cooling fan.
    Mercedes Cooling Fan Connector
    Mercedes CLS550 Cooling Fan Connector  Location - Passenger side, behind the fan. 
    Press the connector and pull it to disconnect it.
  9. Remove two U clips at each top corner of the radiator.Mercedes Coolaing Fan BracketsThese clips can be easily removed by prying them up with a screwdriver.Mercedes Cooling Fan U clip removed
  10. Slide the radiator colling fan up.Mercedes cooling fan removedLook at the back of the cooling fan for hoses that may prevent it from coming up. If any of the hoses prevent the fan from moving up, move the hoses out of the way. At the bottom, the cooling fan simply slides into two channels.
  11. Reinstall the new colling fan in reverse order. Make sure that the cooling fan is engaged at the bottom.

These instructions should help you replace the radiator cooling fan on Mercedes-Benz models such as C, S, ML, GL, GLK, GLE, GLS, etc.