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A common problem we see often is that a Mercedes-Benz trunk won't stay closed. This is a problem with Mercedes-Benz cars that use a power trunk lid and can affect various models including C-Class, E-Class, S-Class models, etc. 

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The trunk won't stay close because the car loses the memory setting for the trunk. This is a problem that usually happens after the car battery dies or the battery gets replaced. Pressing the green trunk release button inside the trunk a few times will allow your trunk to close in most cases.

  1. Open the trunk up. Open trunk all the way up
  2. When possible, spray penetrating grease on the latch—not required but recommended. MERCEDES TRUNK WON'T CLOSE SHUT STAY CLOSE
  3. Locate the round green button on the trunk lid. This is typically accessible from inside the trunk. 
  4. Press the green button several times. You should hear the trunk latch click. PRESS THIS GREEN BUTTON TO CLOSE MERCEDES TRUNK
  5. Close the trunk lid, and in most cases, it will stay shut. 

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is that you have a bad trunk latch, but before you replace the trunk latch, we have a couple of tips that may save you some time and money, plus get your trunk lid shut. 

If this procedure does not fix the problem, the most likely solution is to replace the trunk latch.

What is the green button for on a Mercedes-Benz trunk? 

The green flashing round button behind the trunk lid is the safety release button to unlock the trunk from the "inside."

In case somebody or a kid is locked inside the trunk compartment, they can locate the blinking green button and press it to open the trunk.

If the car battery is dead, the green button won't work or open the trunk.