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  • Where is Bank 1 Sensor 1 - O2 Sensor?

    We often get asked: "Where is Bank 1 Sensor 1?" To answer that question, we decided to show you a few pictures of Bank 1 Sensor 1 to help you identify it on your car. 

    On a four-cylinder engine, it is straightforward to locate Bank 1 Sensor 1. Simply open the hood, and locate the catalytic converter on the exhaust manifold. Be careful not to touch it as it may be hot. Bank 1 Sensor 1 is located right before the catalytic converter. 
  • Mercedes-Benz Ignition Lock ESL Problems

    A common problem with Mercedes-Benz W204 C-Class, X204 GLK, 172 SLK, and 207, W212 E Class is the steering lock module failure, which prevents the car from starting.  
  • Mercedes-Benz Rear Level Sensor Replacement

    This guide provides instructions on how to change the rear level sensor on a Mercedes-Benz. The pictures are from an R-Class (R320, R350, R500, and R63 AMG).
  • Mercedes-Benz Hybrid Problems

    This article goes over the High Voltage (HV) Battery (A100), how it works, and common problems.  The first-generation 128v 6.5ah hybrid battery is used in BMW ActiveHybrid and Mercedes-Benz S400 W221 and uses thirty-five Li-Ion cells similar to these Saft VL6 cells. 
  • Mercedes-Benz Hybrid High Voltage Battery =Resistance Check

    One of the components that can fail and lead to no start condition on a Mercedes-Benz hybrid vehicle is the high voltage (HV) battery. 
  • Mercedes-Benz Trunk Won't Close, Lock or Shut

    A common problem we see often is that a Mercedes-Benz trunk won't stay closed. This is a problem with Mercedes-Benz cars that use a power trunk lid and can affect various models including C-Class, E-Class, S-Class models, etc. 
  • Mercedes-Benz Hybrid DC/DC Converter Replacement

    This guide provides instructions on how to replace the HV DC/DC Converter (N83/1) on the Mercedes-Benz hybrid. 
  • Mercedes-Benz Steering Wheel Stuck Up Won't Go Down

    The steering wheel adjustment function on a Mercedes-Benz may stop working. The most common failure is the steering wheel gets stuck and will no longer move up or down but still moves in and out.
  • Mercedes-Benz Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor B60 Replacement

    This guide provides instructions on how to replace the Exhaust Back Pressure (B60) sensor on ML, C, E, R, Sprinter models. Chassis 164, 203, 204, 207, 209, 211, 212, 218, 219, 221,251, 461, 463 with engine 642.
  • How To Do Mercedes DPF Regeneration

    Mercedes-Benz Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) may build up excessive soot content, leading to exhaust restriction, and eventually, the check engine light turns on. 
  • Car Won't Start Hybrid Interlock Circuit Open

    Hybrid vehicles ranging from Toyota, Honda, Ford, Audi, VW, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz utilize interlock circuits for the hybrid system.  
  • Can You Program a Used Mercedes-Benz Key

    This guide will discuss programming a used Mercedes-Benz key.

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